Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to Make a Crazy Easy Baby Blanket

Blankets were a big deal in my house growing up.  My brother had a blue blanket with satin trim (think Linus from Charlie Brown) that was loved so dearly, it ended up in shreds.  I had an assortment of thick fleece blankets with "unique" prints that were wonderful to cuddle up with watching Saturday morning cartoons or take to the park for warmth while watching my sisters play softball. 

How can you not love this?
There was/is nothing better than cuddling up with a soft-from-wear best friend.  It's like always having a hug at your disposal.  The blankets that I'm making combine the warmth of fleece with the silky satin that so many kids love.  You can make this blanket double thick by sewing two layers together before attaching the binding or change up the fabric choice, should you so desire.  You can do a smaller version to make an easily toteable "lovey", or something as large (or larger) than mine.  I am a beginner sewer, but these are easy and make great gifts.

fleece of your choosing (I used 1.5 yard x 60" fabric)
2" satin binding
thread to match binding
Gray/orange will be smaller than this one

Lay your fabric flat on a table or the ground.  Check out the binding - there is a long side and a shorter side.  Make sure your shorter side is facing up.  This is the side you'll sew to you make sure you catch the back.

Back is longer, top is shorter
Start pinning the binding on

To create the mitered edge, tuck the fabric under at a 45degree angle and pin

So, it's not perfect!

Sew zig zag stitch

Turn the corner!

Hang on la cuna.
So, it's not perfect .  My corners could be crisper and my stitching could be closer to the edge, but it's homemade after all.  It also only took about an hour from start to finish.  Prudent baby has a pretty good tutorial if mine is not up to snuff for you.  Truly, this is so incredibly easy and I think it's so sweet to make little things like this for our children, even if they're imperfect or silly.  They may not understand it now, but it's an easy, sweet reminder of being little and, well, you :)

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