Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Ikea Highchair - Best $25 I've Spent So Far

If you're anywhere near an Ikea, I really think you owe it to yourself to check out the ANTILOP highchair. You should also having some meatballs while you're there. If you aren't anywhere near an Ikea, you can buy it online. I would not recommend having the meatballs shipped. All in all, I am super pleased with this highchair and since Ikea doesn't allow shoppers to review products online, I wanted to go into more detail for anyone wondering about it:

Things I love:
  • This chair is small and simple. It seems like the right size for my little gal but I can see it will grow with her too. 
  • No upholstery, which means nothing to stain and no plush crevices for food to hide in. The entire thing can be taken out on the back porch and hosed down when it needs to be cleaned. One day, it was freezing out, so I popped the whole thing in our shower and cleaned it off that way.
  • Pop the tray off and the highchair can be pushed up to a standard-height table. We can push her chair right up to the dining room table when we're having a meal in the dining room. This will be particularly nice when she starts to color or do crafts.
  • This chair is super light and I can carry it easily from one room to another with one hand.
  • The tray is small enough to be easily washed off in a standard kitchen sink, yet large enough to serve a nice meal on or to use for playing or coloring.
  • $25. The whole thing is $25. It was so affordable, I didn't bat an eye when I bought a pricier travel seat to use in restaurants. For under $100, I had two awesome seats!
  • The assembly was super easy. The legs pop into the seat with a quick twist, like a beach umbrella pops into the anchor pole.
Things that may be less lovable:
  • The ascetics may not be your cup of tea. I think it's cute but my house is full of hand-me-down furniture and crud from Ikea. I'm not winning any design awards here, people.
  • This is not the type of highchair that allows a kid to independently climb in or out of the chair. To me, this is a big plus, but some might find this annoying.
  • It's lower than other highchairs. Again, this is a big plus for me but I imagine a taller parent might find this to be a pain in the back.
  • This chair doesn't fold up. This could be an issue in a very small house.
  • The tray can be difficult to pop off. Many highchairs have trays with buttons that let you slide the tray in and out but this tray "clicks" into place and needs to be kind of pried up to take it off. It took about a week for me to really get the hang of it. I'd say this is the biggest downside but it no longer is an issue for me.
  • There is no real adjustability in the seat. Your kid needs to be sitting independently very well to use this seat and if baby passes out in this one, it's going to be a face-first slide.
Let me know if you have any questions about this highchair. I'm a big fan.


  1. I use this high chair for travel. When we go visit my parents we have to stop over night at a hotel. We just pop the legs off or pop them back in for portability. I like to use this high chair in the hotel and at my parents' house. :)

  2. It's surprisingly portable, Shauna! I could see only using it for that purpose. It's so cheap, my mother is getting one to keep at her house for when we visit.

  3. I really liked this high chair, but E prefers to eat at his leisure (just a bit reclined) and this didn't do that for him. It's such a perk to be able to just take the thing outside and hose it off.

  4. It's also important to note that there was a recall a while back on a batch due to an issue with the safety belt, so I would not buy this one used.

  5. It's too bad they don't sell the tray online!! I would probably order this even w/ the $15 shipping if they did...

  6. i just bought the chair this wknd on a whim after getting glowing reviews from random parents holding a child at Ikea. It's a bit snug for my 6 mos old girl who weighs 18lbs. I feel like she will grow out of it in no time. Not sure I will be keeping it.

  7. Interesting, marsypan, Georgia is now 18 months and uses her Ikea chair daily and she is 22 pounds, though she is on the tall side. Her older cousin is 2 1/2 and uses an Ikea seat at his grandmother's house; I think he's closing in on thirty pounds now. They're also used in the Ikea restaurants (and in many, many other restaurants!) Absolutely a child could outgrow this seat but I have seen four year olds seated comfortably in one, so I think it would be unusual.

    For a kiddo as young as six months, sitting can still be an issue, so some folks like seats where the child is strapped in and held up a bit by the seat. Is your baby an independent, strong sitter? This is one of the developmental milestones recommended before introducing solid foods.

  8. We have the same chair as a hand-me-down. Ours is all white and is pretty stained up and grody looking, but it's quite easy to wipe down and keep sanitary. It just looks kind of awful.

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