Meet Us

Meet Natty

Here I am, eating pizza and entertaining a baby at the same time. I've worked from home for a decade and have been a work-from-home parent to Georgia since late June, 2012.  It's a trip. At the end of the day, Patrick comes home to us. Life is busy, life is good.

Meet Cori
Hi.  I'm Cori.  Hey, what's that over <------- there?

I'm married to Bran.  

I have a son born May 2012 named Everett. 

I am a fresh SAHM (still feels weird to say that) living it up, baby... or learning how to.  When Natty asked me to do a blog with her, I sort of felt like apologizing in advance for my substandard blogging abilities.   My apologies to you as well.  This is just another part of the journey!