Thursday, March 7, 2013

5 Confessions.

1. When I give Georgia puffs (those little snack cereals we pretend are better than Froot Loops) I shake the container first, just like I do when I'm looking for the cat and I want to lure her out with some treats.
These will get mixed up, I just know it.

2. I spend far too much time grabbing my own boobs and juggling them throughout the day, trying to figure out which booby is fuller so I feed her the correct side next time and don't end up lopsided.

3. When I powder her butt as I change her diaper, I feel like I'm shaking Parmesan cheese all over her rear.

4. I love Mister Rogers and vintage Sesame Street and that doorway jumper that might ruin her development if I use it too much and no one can agree on how much is too much but everyone agrees that any television at all is bad but hey, it gets us through the day and that's gotta count for something, right?

5. When she's sleeping, I still sneak into her room to watch the rise and fall of her chest. I suspect I will do this until she leaves for college.

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