Monday, November 5, 2012

Animal Love

Sometimes, the babies nap at just the same time and we end up shooting the shit on IM... today, the conversation turned to our pets. Please note that we never in the past and never will in the future refer to them as "fur babies".

The cat culprits:  Pixel and Maeby

Cori Dude

Natalie:  DUDE
I just rescued a kitten from a tree in my backyard!

Cori Shut your face!

Natalie:  I will not!

Cori Are you keeping it?

Natalie:  No, the private school behind my house is taking them (they had four, this little guy climbed up my tree)
That sounds dirty.

Cori:  Whoa! 

Natalie:  I know!

Cori:  I am about ready to send any and all animals to "the farm"

Natalie:  Aw.
I feel bad for Ginger. I think she thinks her name has been changed to "Move It".

Cori I'm afraid Everett is going to think his name is "NO Henry!"

Natalie:  Ugh, I need to get some squirt bottles so I can do something when Ginger goes on a barking spree without scaring the crap out of the baby.

Cori We have a squirt machine gun for hank... does the trick!
Natalie:  So, before we had kids, is it safe to say we were all pretty crazy animal people?

Cori:  Yes, we both hearted aminals.

Natalie:  If you hadn't had kids, how many years do you think would have passed before you sent out a holiday card from you, Bran and THE ANIMALS

Cori That was (is) happening this year!!!
Is Fiona a problem?

Fiona with Georgia at 5 weeks

Natalie:  Last night, I went to feed the baby at 4 a.m., came back to bed, found the cat sleeping in my spot and she tried to bite me when I went to move her!
Then she bit my toe when I finally got myself into bed.
She's totally fine around the baby though.
And she's fairly clean, so she doesn't bother me too badly.
Except when she does.
What are your cats doing?

Cori:  Not too much, just the typical trying to sleep in the crib
Maeby has permanently parked herself between me and the cosleeper.  I have to move her whenever Everett wakes up or I need to get out of bed.
Maeby "accidentally" drew Everett's first blood

Natalie:  No!
What happened?

Cori Babies arms look like cat toys, no?
flailing about like they do?

Natalie:  Yeah, they look like prey.
What did you do??

Cori Cried.  But then I didn't and I got mad at her.  Bad Maeby!
Oh but Pixel, she sleeps on the glider.  I get an assful of hair everytime I read Everett a book.
Does Fiona care about Georgia?
Is she bothered by her presence?

Natalie:  Fiona likes to sleep under her crib and when Georgia sleeps with us, Fiona will often try and get into the cuddle action in the center of the bed. Protective? Or heat seeking? I think it's the heat. Fiona will come and sort of watch over the baby when the baby is playing on her play mat. The cat has also rubbed her head and cheeks against the baby's feet a few times, so I know she doesn't dislike Georgia, but she doesn't seek her out. I'm not worried about Fiona as any kind of a threat but she does have a talent for being underfoot at the worst times and at night, when I'm trying to get myself back to sleep after taking care of  the baby, she's kind of a bitch.
So it sounds like the cats are... livable. Not perfect but okay. Would you say?
We know who the real troublemakers are.

Cori Absolutely.  Cats are great for the babies - they keep their distance but provide many pleasurable sightseeing hours for the kiddos.  Minus the fistfuls (and tooshfuls) of fur, livable. Totally.
But the dogs......  :***(

Natalie:  The dogs.
Hank Vs. Everett - Henry forfeits
Natalie:  I've always been grateful my dog isn't that smart because she doesn't get into stuff much and we haven't had to do much to keep her occupied but I'm suddenly wishing she had a few more brain cells.
What's the deal with Henry? You're still dealing with puppy-ness.

Cori So much energy.  We put so much effort into puppy training with him but NONE of it is paying off.  I can only hope we can raise a human child better than we can a fur child.
Otherwise, Everett will play well with others but jump on people when they greet him and eat his own poop.

Natalie:  And then throw it up on your rug.

Cori There is no baby smell that is equivalent to a Henry poop barf
What sort of trouble is Ginger getting into?
She is such a lover

Ginger is naturally effervescent.

Natalie:  Ginger has the same problems she had when we adopted her, things we knew we couldn't train out very well.
It used to be when she went nuts barking, we could shake a soda can full of pennies and she would stop, but can you imagine doing that while clutching a newborn? No.

Cori Good point

Natalie:  She also loves to be close to me and the baby. The other night, I'm nursing the baby and rocking her to sleep and Ginger had crept in. Then something caught her attention outside and she started barking like crazy, scaring the crap out of the baby and making Patrick get really pissed off.
And because she loves to be close, she is ALWAYS underfoot. I trip over her at least once a day and how has she still not learned what "get out the way!" means??

Cori It's like their instincts say "PROTECT MOTHER AND BABY" and they think they're doing us a favor by following us around, when in fact they are just a constant road block/tripping hazard

Natalie:  And fart machines.
I love playing the Who Farted? game.

Cori Surprise surprise, farting surprise!

Natalie:  Poor Ginger, we blamed her for some very serious baby farts for several days before realizing Georgia's digestion had changed and she was farting like a frat boy after a wing eating competition.

Cori Oh, the ones that just percolate in there for days, getting more and more lethal by the minute.
But who farts are the worst?  Henry still wins in this household

Natalie:  At this point. I think it's Georgia! Ginger is only really awful when she's been eating table scraps and we haven't exactly been cooking big dinners these days
Has Henry stolen any of Everett's toys?

Cori All the toys.  He doesn't chew them.  He just brings them back to his bed and cuddles with them.  But I have to wash them.  Poor Sophie the Giraffe has been through the dishwasher so many times she no longer makes any fun squeaky noises.
But that makes her less enticing to Henry in the long run, so it might work itself out

Natalie:  (Ginger is currently growling at some very menacing cars outside. I ordered her to get out and she responded by coming closer to me to growl.)

Cori She's protecting you!

Natalie:  zomg, Ginger lusts after Sophie!
Two squeeks and Ginger is on the scene, ready to take her from the baby the moment I'm away.

Sophie would be a very successful cult leader.

Cori What is it about her that is so alluring to kids and animals alike?

Natalie:  Stupid Sophie doesn't even appeal much to Georgia.
Can I confess I got a used Sophie? From my cousin and I boiled her but yeah, used Sophie.

Cori Boiled giraffe.  I would consider it if I was a contestant on Iron Chef

Natalie:  I would totally eat giraffe and with none of your caveats.

Cori What about a giraffe that wears a bow?

Natalie:  Those are the most delicious kind. Dandy giraffee.
What does Everett think of Henry? Georgia is in serious love with the dog and will let her lick her mouth out all damn day.

Cori Everett loves Henry and the cats.  I want to saddle up Henry and let Everett ride him.  There is something they should teach in puppy kindergarten.  Why does a dog need to know how to shake??!?

Natalie:  That's why the animals will never go to the farm. The babies love their stupid faces.

Cori Aw... we still love their stupid faces.

Natalie:  And we're adjusting too? Maybe the crazy love we had for our pets just gets transferred to our kids.
And the kids transfer it right back to the animals

Cori let's hug it out

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