Friday, November 30, 2012

All I Want for Christmas: My Christmas List

This is my Christmas list.  Finances have been tight, so I haven't bought myself much of anything recently, ergo the list is particularly plentiful.  Though it may seem a heavy handed hint to my darling husband,, hopefully it will give you an idea or two for a woman in your own life or even a few ideas about what to wish for this year.

Kitchen Wall Calendar
My iPhone calendar ap is great, but there is something really nice about having a hard copy family calendar up in the kitchen.  This one is nice, but I'd love any of an assortment of pretty botanical or native California plants calendars.
Found here

Taurus Necklace
You can't get much sweeter than jewelry with your child's astrological sign.  I love both of these abstract interpretations of Taurus.
Steal vs. Splurge

UCLA Hoodie
Alma mater pride in a more feminine cut.
Go Bruins

Fabric/tea towels from Spoonflower
Spoonflower is one of my all time favorite sources for unique and beautiful prints.  These tea towels are awesome and I love the way a pretty tea towel makes the kitchen a little happier.
Too cute

Voluspa candles
I have never met a candle I love more than Voluspa.  They are pricey but you can find them on sale if you are open to new scents.  Several different retailers sell them, but I often find them in the clearance section at Anthropologie.

Police Scanner
This is completely superfluous and idiotic.  It just goes to show what a busybody I am now that I'm at home all day, but it would be super interesting to know what's going on in my hood when I hear the sirens a-howling.  
Don't hate me 'cause you ain't me

Modernist Cuisine at Home
This cookbook, put together by a super techie ex-Microsoft big wig, is supposed to be absolutely amazing.  I would love to have it in my cookbookcase, but it's expensive!
buy me

Tocca Perfumes
There is nothing better when you smell questionable (small children and too many animals can do that to you) than to spritz on a little of this stuff.  A little goes a long way and these scents really are divine.
At Sephora
Big Purse
I'm a woman in between a purse and a diaper bag.  I don't want to take the diaper bag to the grocery store or dentist when I'm flying solo, and I dislike having a purse that makes toting along a few wipes and diapers inconvenient.  I'm hoping a larger, organized purse will help bridge the gap.
via Etsy

Prints for Kitchen
I love prints as gifts for the house.  I know artwork is very personal, but for me... I have so many bare walls, I think it's such a nice reminder of the person who gave it to you and the sentiment rather than the print itself.  I can always find a place for it somewhere.  My kitchen could use a few new prints to spruce it up.  There is not much in the world that is happier to me than bread and food and cheese and cookies and, well, warmth and love. 
Etsy is a great source for prints, though searching can be a pain

Bran has one of these nifty little pedometers that tracks your daily steps and uploads them to a website that tracks your progress.  If you buy the scale, it will automatically sync and tell you how you're faring. It's great motivation to keep moving and is an easy way to make sure you're getting all the moving you need.
Fitbit now has several options
I plan to do a post soon on my ideas for sprucing up my wardrobe on a shoestring, because it needs it desperately.  I'm in a very weird spot, with not having bought any clothes since before I was pregnant (over a year!).  Significant changes in my needs and wants in clothes have occurred over that time period, and I want to invest in some new items that are comfortable but nice.  My goal is also to feel good enough that I don't fear leaving the house just in case I unexpectedly run into someone I haven't seen in years, all without breaking the bank.  Possible?  Or am I destined for mom-jean-dom?

What is on your wish list this year?

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  1. Patrick has a police scanner app for his phone! I'll ask him the name of it.

    Also, mom jeans are all about the pocket! Who knew?