Monday, December 10, 2012

Top Five Holiday Traditions We'll Be Inflicting on Our Kids

The kiddos met Santa!
Everett knew the name of the game.
Georgia seemed to have a bit of enniu.

1. Great Grandma's Christmas Tree

It's such a little thing, but when I was a child, this little tree was an important part of my Christmas. My Grandma Ruby lived in a tiny house in San Diego and this was her Christmas tree. When she passed away, I was given her tree. Even though Georgia will never know her, it makes me happy to know that she'll know her a little though her little tree.

2. Books.

Growing up, my mother had a stash of books that only came out at Christmas and I spent the weeks leading up to the big day, absorbed in their worlds. I liked The Best Christmas Pageant Ever for its raucous storyline but loved the tender ending more. Books with toys and dolls that came to life, like The Story of Holly and Ivy, occupied me for hours, all the while making me give the side-eye to the playthings in my bedroom. I read these books every year, even though some of them were "baby" books and I'm building a collection of my own now.

3. Gramercy Tavern’s Gingerbread

I started making this 5 years ago and it wouldn't feel like Christmas without it. I can't wait until Georgia can make this with me. The boiling of beer and molasses makes this cake seem even more special and rare.

4. Obnoxious, Constant Singing.

Georgia is under the impression that I am a grand, grand singer, so I've really been belting it out this year. Patrick tolerates KOST 103.5 when were driving around town and the Sirius holiday channels play almost non-stop when we're home. I sing along if I know 30% or more of the words. We'll see if Georgia grows up to chime in or crumble and cringe.

5. Not Getting Dressed on Christmas Day.

To me, this is the height of celebration. Sure, you can get dressed if you want, but if you want to spend the entire day, cozy in your new jammies, eating gingerbread and playing with toys... wait, why would anyone want to get dressed?


1.  Tree Cookies
This, our first year as a fam of 3, will be the first year we do this.  I got this fun idea from an Internet friend who takes a 1 inch or so "slice" (or cookie) off the bottom of the christmas tree every year.  If I remember correctly, her family names the tree, writes that and the year on the cookie, and files it away as a reminder of Christmas Past.  I haven't decided how we'll utilize the cookie, but likely in a similar way.

2.  Christmas Eve PJ's
As a kid, we were allowed to open one gift every year on Christmas eve, and that gift was always pajamas.  There is something about wearing new PJ's to bed on Christmas eve that makes it even just a touch more special.

3.  Jingle Cats
Music to our ears!  Every year whilst trimming the tree, we must listen to the album at least once.  Can you handle it?

4.  Poppyseed Danish
My big grandma made it, my mom makes it, and we shall eat it. 

5.  Dad's Christmas Tree Cutouts
I wish I had a picture of this, but we haven't put up the outdoor decor as of yet.  My dad hand made sparkly, white, lighted plywood christmas trees for each of my siblings that sit near each of our front doors.  No matter where we are, we are all connected and think of my dad and each other whenever we see them.  I love it.

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  1. My tree cookie idea! Yay! Yes, we do name them and they live under the tree each year. Fun times.