Monday, October 29, 2012

Nursery Tours

Georgia's Room

I love Georgia’s sunny little room. It’s full of hand-me-downs from so many people we love and the room itself was built by her father and grandfathers (and is still being built—you’ll notice the door to her room is a salvage affair that still needs to be painted and fitted with a doorknob.) 

Many folks told me a changing table was unnecessary. One morning when I was about seven months pregnant, I found my cousin had left this wood-and-wicker changing table on my front stoop. I gave it some paint, new knobs, blue bins from Target, a changing pad and shoved on the plastic diaper organizer thingie. It’s been really helpful to have a dedicated place to change her and the rest of the changing table makes for great storage. Georgia loves to get her butt powdered while she chats with her space dogs prints I found on Etsy.

I saw this book bin at Land of Nod long before I was even pregnant and wanted it even then. It’s the only piece of furniture that’s new to the room.

My father sent Georgia roses when she was still in the hospital, which I hung upside down and dried. I doubt they will last very long, but they are a sweet memento for now.

This crib has been in use for over thirty years and held ten other babies prior to Georgia (not all at once, of course.) Get close and you can see teethmarks all around the top. The hot air balloon mobile was something I felt silly for buying before the baby came and now feels essential—she spends a lot of time staring at them before drifting off to sleep.

We spend a lot of our day in Georgia’s little room. She plays while I work, we listen to music, we change her diapers and clothes dozens of times, and she naps and sleeps here. It’s a happy little place.

Everett's Room



Even with our first scare at 32 weeks when I went into preterm labor, I was still not motivated to get the nursery done early.  I am a procrastinator in general, but I was so excited to DIY much of Everett's nursery in the later weeks of my pregnancy.  However, I never really got that chance to nest.  I was put on strict bedrest at 32 weeks.  At that point, I had done close to nothing with the nursery and didn't even have many of the essentials.  I still expected to go full term with the pregnancy.

That wasn't what happened.  I went into the hospital again at 35 weeks where I would ultimately deliver at 35w4d.  The nursery was not even close to done.  When I went back in to the hospital at 35 weeks, my dad got started and built the entire bookcase before we got home.  He also painted the glider.  My mom and sister got us diapers, wipes, pacifiers, etc.... all the things a new baby would need.  They also cleaned my house (I was not planning on being admitted to the hospital before the doctors visit that landed me there) and set up the nursery.  I am so thankful for them!

When I finally got settled in with my new baby at home, I really did not care about the nursery.  He was sleeping in our room in the cosleeper and I had everything I needed there.  We change diapers on my bed with a little mat. The styling and contents of the nursery were not on my sleep deprived, recovering from surgery, major life changed radar.

It's recent that it got a new (used) dresser and a bit more situated.  It's functional, with lots of storage while Bran and I are still using the closet.  We have a small house, so every ounce of space needs to be used functionally.  We are mostly minimalists, so this really sort of fits in with that.  Almost everything in it is second hand or homemade and I think it's fun to have little pieces of history dotting the room. Everett and I have a lot of fun in here (mostly when it's a little messier) and that's what really matters to me.

Source List
Crib:  2nd hand on Craigslist, Oeuf Sparrow Crib
Crib Sheet: Handmade by moi, tie dye
Andy Warhol Prints:  Room & Board
Mobile:  Uncommon Goods (no longer available)
Glider:  2nd hand from sister, fabric from Spoonflower
Baskets in Bookcase: The Container Store
Dresser: 2nd hand from Craigslist, Ikea Malm
Pussycat Print:  Olive Dear on Etsy
ABC Print: RK Design

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